Industrial handle design

The specialists of the KLONA company were faced with the task: to develop ballpoint pen design

Despite the popularity of computer technology, people continue to use pens to write. The pen has long ceased to be just a writing instrument. it’s the same element of prestige

Дизайн ручки

At the first stage, the designers selected references for the handle. After analyzing them, several sketches future handle. Among them, one was selected, which was sent for further development.

Промышленный дизайн ручки

The pen body is made of black plastic. It is this color that blends harmoniously with any color.

It was decided to make a handle with push-button mechanics … The tip extends when pressed. When repeated, it is retracted into the body. This pen is much more comfortable to use than a pen with a cap. Thanks to the sliding body, changing the rod is easy.

Дизайн ручки

The originality of the handle is given by the upper part, made in the form spirals … The wide body makes the handle comfortable to grip. It is the shape that gives the handle the right balance.

Дизайн ручки

The result is a unique ballpoint pen design. The handle combines high functionality and attractive appearance

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